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We want you to be confident in your smile !

Smile Design

If you are unhappy with your smile, Dr. Bertolini can help. He has been improving patient smiles for over 30 years. Here are some ways that we can help you achieve your best smile:

You know whitening works, but how?
The stains on teeth can be one of two types - surface stains or stains inside the dentin (layer of tooth under your enamel) or in cracks in the enamel. Whitening toothpastes and rinses can remove some of the surface stains and are recommended for upkeep after you whitened your smile. To remove the deep stains that cause your teeth to look yellow, you must use an active whitening ingredient like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients react with the discolored molecules in your dentin changing the chemical structure so the molecules are no longer colored.
While whitening, some of patients experience tooth sensitivity but our tooth whitening system contains ingredients to reduce this problem. If you still have some sensitivity you can also:  reduce wear time of the whitening tray, instead of everyday whiten every other day or use a tooth sensitivity toothpaste. Talk with Dr. Bertolini if these options do not work for you.

To keep your smile bright and white after whitening you may want to avoid stain-causing foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, wine, colored drinks, berries and tomato sauces. Smoking also causes tooth discoloration.
It takes just as long to re-stain your teeth as it did to begin with, so good oral habits and oral hygiene are the best ways to keep your bright smile! If you do partake in stain-causing foods or habits, you may need to do a touch-up whitening treatment a few nights a couple times a year to keep your desired shade.

Before & After
photos of Dr. Bertolini's patient results.

2. Cosmetic Bonding

This is one of the easiest and least invasive of all cosmetic dental procedures.
Bonding is the application of a tooth colored resin (called composite) to fix
the shape or color of the tooth. Cosmetic bonding can easily repair chips,
fractures, decay and discolored teeth in one visit to the office.

3. Orthodontics

This option can help you enjoy a straighter smile, more even teeth, greater
self-confidence, easier brushing and flossing and even a greater ease in
chewing and swallowing.
To get the process started, your teeth, jaw, bite
and profile will be evaluated by Dr. Bertolini. A panoramic x-ray showing
your head, face and jaw will be taken to help him take specific measurements
and plan your orthodontic treatment. Impressions of your teeth will also be taken to record the way your teeth and jaw fit together. Dr. Bertolini will take photographs of your face, teeth and profile. (Often the difference between before and after photos is astounding!)
From these diagnostic records, Dr. B will determine the type of malocclusion (improper bite) you have, as well as any other orthodontic problems.
Dr. Bertolini will move your teeth into position using one or more orthodontic appliances (like braces and retainers). Braces work by gently applying pressure to your teeth. This causes bone to be absorbed onto one side. New bone then grows in and slowly hardens on the other side of your teeth, holding teeth in the new position.
A number of factors will determine the best method of treatment for your individual case. Dr. Bertolini will consider the diagnosis and the amount of time necessary to achieve the desired result.

4. Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a great way to improve your smile, especially if your teeth are chipped, malformed or very discolored. Veneers can change your tooth color easily and porcelain has the look of a natural tooth and will not stain.
What are veneers?
They are very thin porcelain shells that are bonded onto the front side of your teeth. They primary purpose of veneers is to improve the appearance of your smile but they can also change your bite and 'straighten' your smile. After the preliminary visit and your approval of the wax model Dr. Bertolini will create, veneers can be placed in two office visits, one to prepare the area and one to place the veneers.

A full mouth restoration may be an option if your smile isn't exactly what you like it to be, due to serious cosmetic and functional dental issues. A full mouth restoration is a process that involves multiple cosmetic procedures to regain the health and beauty of a smile. It will begin with Dr. Bertolini creating a customized treatment plan.
A full mouth restoration can fix problems such as crowns that are no longer attractive or functioning properly, misshapen or unattractive teeth, wear from grinding or clenching, yellow or tetracycline stained teeth or missing teeth.
Depending on the results of your comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Bertolini, the restoration may include mini dental implants to replace missing teeth, teeth whitening, orthodontics ( traditional or invisible), porcelain veneers, periodontal treatment, tooth-colored filings, crown lengthening or other procedures. Your end result will be a bright, white, comfortable smile you'll be excited to show off!

5. Full Mouth Restoration (Makeover)

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1. Tooth Whitening
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