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A letter from Dr. Bertolini about smile makeovers...

Dear Patient,
There are certain elements that to the eye determine and are identified as an aesthetic, beautiful or handsome smile. When one or two of these elements are missing, it is easily overlooked. The eye is still able to perceive harmony. However, when a dominant number of these elements are absent, the eye notices incongruence and disharmony. An untrained eye may not be able to pick out these missing elements but that same eye can sense that "something is not right" and that "something is out of balance." If a trained individual, (like a trained general dentist), puts these missing elements back and restores harmony, the eye will see pleasing balance, harmony and beauty. Voila, a nice confident smile!

There are two parts to building a beautiful smile. First, there is the science of the smile. This science involves knowing the elements of a smile and discerning which elements that a particular smile is missing. We also want to know what caused them to be missing and then we can go about devising a plan that returns those missing elements to the smile. Second, is the art of building a new smile. It is one thing to diagnose the missing pieces to the smile but it is a whole other world to have the hand skills, talent and education to physically restore those elements, through dentistry. This is the part that takes persistence, discipline, imagination and a foolproof plan. This part takes an artist and engineer to translate the scientific knowledge to a beautiful and balanced result. The journey to your confident new smile will definitely be worth the effort and the confidence boosting results will be a joy to you for many years.

As a smile engineer and artist, I have over 35 years experience and what I think is most important - a God given talent to do this type of exacting work. I can't wait to get started on your new smile. Let's go!


Francis A. Bertolini, DDS




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