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White filings

Tooth colored filings (white filings) are dental filings that restore the natural structure and appearance of the tooth. This method is useful for fixing decay or fractured teeth as well as to make changes in cosmetic appearance to the size, shape or color of teeth. In some cases it can also be used for repairing chipped teeth or closing gaps without orthodontics.

Some advantages to tooth colored filings are that they closely match natural tooth color and appearance. This type of filing bonds to teeth chemically so that grooves or pins do not need to be used in the teeth for the bond to occur. The resin hardens in seconds and they are easily repaired if damaged.

Tooth colored composite filings are chemically bonded to teeth. This type of filing does not always require anesthetizing (numbing) the area to be repaired.  It depends on the size and depth of the decayed area. Once the decay is removed, the tooth is cleaned and an etch is applied to open the pores (dentinal tubules) of the tooth. A bonding agent is then placed on to the open pores and then cured. Curing prepares the boding agent to adhere to the tooth colored filing material. The filing material is then placed on the tooth. After shaping the tooth colored filing material to resemble the natural anatomy of your tooth it is hardened by curing with a curing light. Once it hardens, Dr. Bertolini will check your bite to make sure your teeth fit together properly. Adjustments to your bite and the surfaces of the newly bonded area and then the doctor will smooth and polish the filing. The result is a natural looking and feeling tooth!

White fillings | Francis A. Bertolini, DDS
chipped teeth before white fillings | Francis A. Bertolini, DDS